Corrupt Charlotte, NC

If you aren't aware of it, Charlotte, NC is one of the most corrupt cities in the United States. We have the highest taxes in the SE United States, some of the worst schools, some of the highest rates of violent crime, and have some of the worst traffic congestion problems in the country. The problem is, we have a newspaper that doesn't like to talk about it. Thats where I come in. Here's what is really happening in Corrupt Charlotte.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Another July 4th, Another Riot in Charlotte

The 4th of July holiday again ended with rioting in the Uptown Charlotte area on North Tryon Street between 7th and 9th Street. The problen was again caused by black youths who began fighting and caused utter mayhem. Police riot squads were called out to stop the violence and break up the unruly crowd. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police made over 20 arrests and one person was shot by an unidentified rioter.
After last years violence the radio station ( 1110 WBT ) that normally sponsors the fireworks show decided it would be safer to move the show out to Knights Stadium south of Charlotte. The Mayor was not happy that WBT made this decision because it reflected bad on Charlotte. Because as you probably know, nothing bad EVER happens in Charlotte. The Mayor decided that they would replace the long standing sponsor ( 1110 WBT ) with new sponsors ( the Taxpayers ) and have the fireworks show in Uptown Chatrlotte anyway dispite the danger and history of violence and putting the safety of many people including families with children at risk. Mayor McCrory should be putting the safety of the citizens way ahead of the "Image of Charlotte". Ignoring problems and pretending they don't exist doesn't make them go away.


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